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The resounding question currently being asked by the travel sector is whether it should be active on social media and whether it should set up mailing campaigns. Many have even chosen to reduce their advertising volumes and expenses, possibly due to the economic impact of the pandemic on companies.

However, this strategy to limit communication is not sustainable. The coronavirus (COVID-19) is here to stay at least for the medium term until efficient vaccines become available. And reducing communications now can have long-term consequences. Protection and hygiene are of course important, as are flexible booking conditions. It is certain that people want to travel again.  Question is who can inspire them to do so, depending on the dynamism, persuasion and creativity of everyone in the travel sector.

Today you can make a difference for whenver the borders will open again. Today you can attract attention and cultivate the interest of those who will be choosing you and book a room in your acoommodation or region.  Discover our re-opening deal, a suitable online marketing campaign tailored to your needs.


B2B – A direct link to you target audience

Lifting lockdowns

While trying to curb COVID-19, European governments have different approaches to lifting restrictions. The European Commission issued new guidelines and recommendations on 13 May. They should help Member States to lift travel restrictions gradually and responsibly. After months of restrictions, safe travel should become possible again and there is hope that the traveler can visit his beloved destination this summer.

A number of countries have already decided to open borders, especially those that control the spread of the virus in an equivalent way.




Unique Experience Points

Despite the fact that the sector is currently being hit hard, there is a lot of hope that it will have the opportunity to recover quickly.

Many travelers are optimistic that travel will soon be possible again and they will be crossing borders soon. In addition to hope, ‘enthusiasm’ and fear, it is above all a lot of uncertainty that guides the travelers’ opinions and choices. Just like a number of practical concerns.

Additionally they are looking for a deepening and rich experience. An experience they want to share with their friends and on social media.

The tourism sector can respond to this by creating unique experiences, and above all by convincing travelers of the advantages of their accommodation, their region, their arrangements. With an emphasis on safety, hygiene, flexible conditions and sustainability.



Online boost

With a majority of the population restricted to home for a long period of time, orders are placed online more than ever. Webshops and warehouses run overtime, and collection and delivery services are super popular. Strava and other online sports apps kept people fit.

People spend their time online more than ever. So there is plenty of time to be inspired and delve into traveling for the summer holidays, on the assumption that by then the virus will be contained and travel will become possible again. We therefore advise the sector to focus on creating attention and interest wherever possible, so that they are ‘top-of-mind’ – and that their retargeting audiences are ready by the time people effectively can start booking again. It is important that people already find their way to your website.

Being online is more important than ever. It is crucial that people already find their way to your website.




Building trust

We consider it important to continue to communicate regularly, clearly and transparently in order to eliminate any uncertainty for your trusted and potential customers.

And why not tell your own experiences? How did you experience the corona lockdown? Of course you missed your customers. And have you given your accommodation a coat of paint in the meantime or have your services been tightened up a bit? You probably also took the bike to keep fit, and were you captivated by the silence of the Alps cycling the cols? Perhaps you were confined to your home in Belgium or the Netherlands and are you waiting to leave for your place in the Alps?

By means of storytelling, you can gain the trust of the customers. It is a proven way to eliminate the uncertainty among the customers. It is an excellent way to gain attention and generate interest. It will make the customer make choices and ultimately decide to book.

Send us your details at and we will analyse with you how to set up the appropriate communication.





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