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Fietsen in de Alpen, dutch / flemish for Cycling in the Alps,

 aims for the active cyclist in Belgium and Netherlands,

aims both for the cycling tourists and mountain biker, beginner or advanced,

and is fascinated by the Alps, its mountains, its nature, its people, its culture.


Communicating during and after corona, fietsenindealpen is your partner

Communication Campaign ‘Be Top of Mind’, an offer you can not refuse





We assist you to be more succesfull with your Dutch-speaking audience.

With strong content and targeted communication Fietsen in de Alpen succeeds to captivate your potential customers.

With a focus on cycling comfort and cycling fun,  Fietsen in de Alpen aims to create a bond with the cyclist, exciting him/her constantly with inspiring information on cycling, bike equipment and bicycle travel. Fietsen in de Alpen describes from A to Z the entire experience cycle, from training at home to success on the course, as from departure frm home up to return.

Revealing reports and critical analysis inform the readers about well-known and less-known products, innovative training, bike-friendly accommodations, events and destinations.

Fietsen in de Alpen can do this independently, in close cooperation with the cyclist and his opinion on every aspect. He inspires, informs and motivates his fellow cyclists or mountainbikers.

Fietsen in de Alpen has a number of powerful media tools..





Passion for travel and cycling

A passion as cycling fanatic, as mountain biker, with experience in tourism and the hotel industry, with contacts in the cycling industry and at the destinations with the tourist services and accommodations.  This already since 2005.

But Fietsen in de Alpen is, above all, a product by the cyclist himself.

Together with all his cycling colleagues, men and women, beginner or advanced, we search , together with the cyclist and his personal reviews, for the bike-friendliest accommodation, the most appropriate cycling regions, the most comfortable travel mode, the best bicycle material and all possible tips to your comfort.

Fietsen in de Alpen is aimed at all organizations that can contribute to optimizing the comfort bike and the cycling pleasure of the cyclist.





Fietsen in de Alpen has a number of high-performance tools that ensure a strong communication with your target audience.

We offer a wide range of options for partners.



The website is the ideal platform for your product, brand, accommodation, region or event that exposure that it deserves.

Fietsen in de Alpen would like to put the cycling features of your product, your accommodation or your event in the spotlight, with the proper accents and details, so this is more clearly profiled for the cyclist.

It is important for every website to get good exposure in the search engine ranking.  WordPress, and the website has several advantages that make it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and search engine friendly, in order to be found online by (potential) customers and visitors. Responsive design makes the website also optimally readable on all mobile devices.



On a monthly basis, and complemented with some thematic capaigns, Fietsen in de Alpen manages to reach existing and new readers. A professional format, a recognizable house style and good content are key factors tocreate a pleasant reading experience for the reader.

With a simple click a newsletter reader will get access to more relevant information on the website, information that he is looking for and which fascinates him.

Check our FIDA B2B Mediaplanning 2019



The rise of social media and the demise of the traditional mass media offer new opportunities for small businesses and self-employed persons in search of a cheap and effective way to reach existing and potential customers.

Via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Fietsen in de Alpen offers an excellent communication tool for more brand awareness, to drive traffic to your website, fans and followers. And fans are the best ambassadors of your offer.



Fietsen in de Alpen understands the art of online advertising. Making your products and/or company known via the internet through ads. Online Advertising is an indispensable channel to your media budget to reach your target audience.

Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising are the two tools that Fietsen in de Alpen dedicates to optimize your media mix. If your campaign is successfully launched, we then focus on adjusting and optimalisation,  based on the hard data from the Google Analytics reports and the results of the ads.



LOGO_fietsenindealpen_kleinCONTACT US 

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or to receive a free proposal. Fietsen in de Alpen is determined to work out a tailored-made proposal up to your specific needs.  No standard media packages, but targeted and efficient communication.

We would love to bring you in closer contact with your cycling target group.

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