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Skisun Construct is a full service communications agency, with a specialization in tourism content on travel, accommodations and recreation. Skisun provides a flexible and creative service and stands for a personal and open cooperation. Transparent, and results-oriented. From small translation projects to the planning of an entire campaign.

The range of services Skisun Construct is based on 4 pillars :


B2B – The most direct way to reach your target audience

Content Management

Content Management

The potential customer only wants to receive that info that really interests him, by means of the most appropriate communication channel. Efficient content management makes relevant and valuable information available,  focused on the needs of your target audience.

Preferably at the right time, in the right place. And of course in their own language.

The content on your website must be relevant, interesting and appealing.  It needs to score on search engines and visitors. Skisun Construct provides the optimal ratio between ‘ easy-to-read ‘ versus ‘easy-tp-find’ content.

Skisun Construct will guide you through the format of a content marketing strategy and determines, together with you, the efficient deployment of various channels to your target audience.  Both in Belgium and/or the Netherlands.



Online Services

Online Services

To be able to score high in the natural search results of Google, your website needs seo-optimized.  Only this way search engines can read the website and attribute high relevance scores. With Google Analytics you will find, along with Skisun Construct’s insights,  on how visitors behave on your website. This results a plan of approach and an ongoing adjustment.

Sending relevant, personalized emails to an existing customer is still one of the better ways  to maintain a loyal and so profitable customer. Although e-mail marketing goes far beyond sending a simple e-newsletter. Through automation, the customer optimally achieved on the basis of its click-behavior.

Advertising with Google AdWords and/or with Facebook Ads means direct reach to your target audience. You get targeted traffic to your website through paid search.


Tags : seo-management | mediaplanning | online advertising| google adwords | facebook ads | social media | mailing campaigns |  marketing automation


Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations is an advanced form of communication which aims to maintain and/or improve the relationship between an organization and its stakeholders (customers/press/Government/…) .

Skisun Construct can be of importance to your organisation. Not only are there the relations with the press, necessary to reach your wide group of potential clients. Skisun Construct also represent you at fairs and numerous events.

So you don’t need expensive cost of travelling or hotel rooms. So you can spend your entire marketing budget to your campaigns. In addition, client are spoken to in their own language. Skisun Construct also work on as many leads as possible and can represent you in the most appropriate way.


Tags : representation | press relations in Belgium/Holland | representation at B2B and/or B2C trade fairs (Velofollies Belgium /BikeMotion Holland)


Translation Services

Translation Services

In our multicultural society, language is vital. Communication in the mother tongue of the customer is often decisive for a successful transaction.

It is showing to the customer he/she is important to you. In addition, it is creating confidence with the customer. That’s what it’s all about.

On holidays communication should not be a tough job, but should be nice and relaxing. If you have your tourist texts translated, you are doing everything to make your guests the best out of their holiday.

Skisun Construct translates from French, English, German into Dutch. With the nuances and the right tone,  Skisun Construct aims at the customer with the same emotions as in the original text.


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